Bill Ryan
09/20/1937 - 03/06/2010
"All the birds have flown up and gone; A lonely cloud floats leisurely by. We never tire of looking at each other - Only the mountain and I."

Bill did as he preached...he lived life! Nature was his home.  He lived life to its fullest until pancreatic cancer took him away.  Bill was a loving husband to the late Molly Ryan and is survived by his three children Joanne Ryan, Michael Ryan and Kelley Sauer and her husband Joe Sauer of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  He was also a wonderful Grampa to his five grandchildren Shauna, Dylan, Diana, Robbie and Molly and his great grandson Shayne.  Bill is also survived by his only sibling, his brother Rich Ryan and his wife Janet Ryan.  He also leaves behind, his life companion, Linda MacPherson.  Bill was born and raised in Chelsea, MA.  After raising his own family in Everett and Somerville, MA, Bill grew tired of the city and moved to Vermont. He met Linda and soon even Vermont became too over crowded for him. That's when he really took to the outdoors and he and Linda  explored nature in places like Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado, Canada and finally Utah where they spent the past five years.  Bill was an avid outdoorsman and he was most at peace in nature's wilderness. He loved skiing, hiking, biking, boating and camping. He had a passion for taking the road less traveled. His many words of wisdom and infamous storytelling will be  greatly missed. He was one of a kind. "We love you & miss you very much!" 

Bill and Rich

Dad's 70th Birthday!  Dylan, Shauna, Molly, Joanne, Rich, Bill, Kelley, Janet, Linda and Diana

Bill and Linda
Diana, Robbie, Molly and Grampa
Canyon Lands, Utah
Grand Teton, Wyoming
Linda, Rich, Bill and Janet

Dad and Michael

Dad and Kelley
Grampa, Linda and Shayne